Student Facilities

Common Rooms and Kitchens

All campuses provide students with a common room/lounge area with access to microwaves, refrigerators, sandwichmakers, tea/coffee making facilities and food preparation areas. BBQ access is also provided for the warmer months.

Students using the common room/lounge areas should minimise noise when other students are using adjacent rooms for study.

Students are expected to clean up after themselves and leave all common rooms / kitchenettes in a neat & tidy state.

Computer Labs

All campuses provide students with access to fully featured computer labs for email, internet and UNSW network access. Students will encounter the same type of computer environment in the Rural Clinical School labs as they would in Kensington.

To access the internet and secured pages on the Clinical School's website, students will need to use their zID.

The use of the computers is governed by the UNSW IT Policy.


Lockers are provided at the Clinical School campuses for all students.

University Health Service

The University Health Service provides a health service to staff, students and visitors of UNSW. The health service is located at the Kensington campus.