In September 2013 UNSW introduced a new system, ROS, to manage information about the University's research outputs. This will be replacing the Research Publications (ResPubs) system.

ROS is based on Symplectic Elements, a leading research information management system designed by academics for academics and used by universities around the world. ROS is designed to help reduce the time and effort spent on managing publication and research outputs across the University.

ROS offers a number of functionalities to support researchers at UNSW:

  • Streamlined, and in many cases automated, publications data entry
  • Impact measurements, including H-indexes, citation counts and Altmetrics
  • Easy export options to create publication lists for CVs, grants and promotion applications
  • Collecting and collating data for HERDC and other research assessment exercises
  • Uploading accurate publication information to the UNSW Research Gateway.

Previous years RCS publications are shown below:

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