Phase 2

Welcome to Phase 2 at the Rural Clinical School. You may either be undertaking your 3rd year clinical coursework or your Independent Learning Project (ILP) in your 4th year.

Students commence the two Phase 2 courses (MFAC2505-2506) in Year 3. After passing the Phase 2 Integrated Clinical Examination at the end of Year 3, students then enrol in the ILP courses (MFAC4508-4509) and 12 units of credit of courses from another Faculty during Year 4. The ILP is followed by a 4 week Clinical Transition Course (MFAC2507). Phase 2 then finishes with the Portfolio examination.

During Year 4 you will have the option of negotiating an Independent Learning Project with any of the local rural supervisors, or selecting an existing project. 

Watch Wagga student, Julia Fattore, talk about her award-winning ILP project here.