Our Teaching

Students are attached to rural campuses for up to four years of their Medicine program, beginning in year 3. Students at the Rural Clinical School follow the same program as the city hospitals, but rural campuses take a different approach to clinical training, developing an innovative program which caters to student needs for rural practice. We offer an integrated teaching program where students work closely with several patients, following them through their treatment and closely observing and participating in total patient care, and gaining a holistic view of medicine, and increased practical skills. The School also offers short term placements for Sydney-based students in Years 5 and 6.

As well as clinical training in state-of-the-art hospitals and specialist facilities, students undertake placements in medical practices in rural and remote settings. Students have “integration” tutorials at which they present details of the patients they have seen. Their discussions are assisted by tutors who help them to gauge the depth of learning required, and to appreciate the breadth of issues raised by their case presentation. Student-driven programs, presentations and tutorials provide students with deeper understanding and knowledge of disease. Well qualified and experienced teachers drawn from the ranks of local GPs and specialists provide enthusiastic and professional academic support to students. Local teaching is supplemented where necessary with Sydney-based teachers and academics from other rural sites.

Each UNSW Rural Clinical School campus has a Head of Campus who is responsible for local academic and administrative issues, and curriculum development. Each campus also has professional staff drawn from the local community.