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Image - Kangaroo Island Surfer passionate about rural and Indigenous health
Growing up on Kangaroo Island South Australia, Rory van der Linden has always been an avid nature lover. Pair this with his nurse mother and doctor father, who have dedicated much of their lives to serving the local community, and remote and Indigenous communities – and you have the perfect recipe... more
Image - Ben has big plans as he begins UNSW medicine degree
HE HAS seen first hand the life-changing work of medicine and has been granted a scholarship to study it at UNSW. Ben Jones, 18, is an Aboriginal student from Westleigh who has been awarded the 2016 Balnaves Foundation Scholarship, to study medicine at UNSW. “Medicine is about having the... more
Image - UNSW lecturer needs help to build hospital in earthquake-affected Nepal
UNSW lecturer Dr Ray Hodgson needs help to construct a new hospital for women and children in a remote earthquake-ravaged part of Nepal. For the past 16 years, the Gynaecologist and Obstetrician has travelled to Nepal, and other developing regions, helping provide medical care to poor and... more
Image - UNSW PhD student explores genetic aging in rural populations
UNSW final year PhD candidate Yuling Zhou was lucky enough to be selected to attend an “invite only” excellence in the life science (EMBO) international conference in Singapore recently. Held at Nanyang Technological University, the international conference investigated the exciting field of... more
Image - Korean interns help foster Australian-Korean collaboration in medical research
UNSW Rural Clinical School's Research Division is hosting two Korean interns for 7 weeks. The interns, Korean university students Woo-Jung Kim and Jeehye Choi, have been looking into boosting collaboration between Korea and Australia in areas like stem cell research and nutrition in rural areas.... more
Image - Order of Australia honour for RCS Adjunct A/Prof Dr Paul Mara
A long career of service to the Gundagai community and rural and remote areas has led to Dr Paul Mara being appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM). Dr Mara - who is an Adjunct Associate Professor at UNSW Rural Clinical School's Wagga campus - and his wife Virginia, also a GP, have been... more
Image - UNSW grad is Wagga’s Young Citizen of the Year
WAGGA’S Young Citizen of the Year, UNSW alumna Hannah Kempton, says it is a great testament to the strength of the community that it could acknowledge a newcomer. Dr Kempton, who graduated from the Rural Clinical School's Wagga campus last year, was recognised for her promotion of rural medicine... more
Image - Med grad's time at rural campus inspires her to be intern in Port Macquarie
SOPHIE Chatterton's Port Macquarie experience as a medical student enticed her back as an intern. Ten medical graduates this week started their one-year internship at Port Macquarie Base Hospital. Dr Chatterton is among them after a two-year stint at the University of NSW Rural Clinical School Port... more
Image - Sparkie Turned Aspiring Surgeon Is Among Record 8 Indigenous Medicine Graduates At UNSW
A former sparkie is one of a record eight indigenous students to graduate from the University of NSW's medicine degree this week. Byron Bay local and Torres Strait Islander Justin Keevers told The Huffington Post Australia the sparkie life was missing something and he enrolled in medicine through... more
Image - Working with Solomon Islands medical team is medicine in its purest form
Rural Clinical School conjoint Dr Jan Snow was hesitant to go on her first medical tour of the Solomon Islands back in 2013. Just back from her third tour, she now says that the experience is akin to practising medicine in its “purest form”. Dr Snow took time out to tell us more about her medical... more