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Image - UNSW's Shared Health Research and Education Campus celebrates opening milestone
AN award winning medicine and allied health education building is a regional leadership model, guests heard at an opening ceremony. The Port Macquarie Shared Health Research and Education Campus (SHREC) was purpose-built to deliver the six-year University of NSW (UNSW) medical degree and new allied... more
Image - State-of-the-art medical campus unveiled in Port Macquarie
The next generation of doctors who dream of a country practice will soon be able to gain a world-class medical education closer to home, thanks to a $20 million medical... more
Image - UNSW medical student’s ILP research focuses on the impact of drugs on Indigenous communities
UNSW medical student, Thomas Barlow, has been awarded the ILP Balnaves scholarship so he can spend the year researching an important area of Indigenous healthcare. Thomas will look at the impact of alcohol and drug abuse on Indigenous communities. The Wagga Wagga  Rural Clinical School student took... more
Image - Q&A: 'I had never met an Indigenous doctor until I was in med school'
On National Close the Gap Day, we celebrate the country's Indigenous doctors. Professor Helen Milroy became Australia's first Indigenous doctor in 1983 when she graduated from the University of WA. Professor Milroy said: “My family was so proud. I remember when we would go shopping, my grandmother... more
Image - UNSW student network leader talks health in Canberra
OXLEY High School alumni Josh Mortimer has had a passion for improving rural health since working for a Tamworth general practice when he finished Year 12, and today he is set to discuss the future of medical delivery with a number of key figures in Canberra. Mr Mortimer is in the final year of his... more
Image - UNSW to offer State’s first full regional medical degree at Port Macquarie in 2017
NSW’s first full undergraduate medical degree in a regional centre will be offered in Port Macquarie next year, the President and Vice-Chancellor of UNSW Ian Jacobs announced today. “UNSW has remained committed to offering a full six-year undergraduate degree in Port Macquarie and I am delighted... more
Image - Find out how Jemima’s Tongan origins and her desire to help others inspired her to study medicine
First year medical student Jemima Hikila says her faith, Tongan background, and her huge desire to help people all came together to inspire her to study medicine and one day become a doctor. The UNSW Rural Clinical School student sat down to tell us her story: Where did you grow up? I was born in... more
Image - Balnaves scholarship recipient keen to give back to Indigenous community
UNSW medical student, Ben Jones, says his grandmother and his Indigenous origins played a big part in inspiring him to study medicine. The first year student and Balnaves scholarship recipient tells us about these huge motivating factors and his desire to help his Indigenous community: Where did... more
Image - North Coast local & new med student wants to make a difference
West Ballina local Georgia Harding saw first-hand how important access to quality healthcare is, after undergoing surgery in her youth. Inspired by this experience, she is keen to kick off her UNSW medical degree so one day she will be able to make a positive impact on people’s lives as a doctor.... more
Image - Globe-trotting doctor's rural med experience inspires her to stay in Coffs
Since she was a kid, UNSW Rural Clinical School alumna Dr Jessie McKenna has always had a passion for medicine. Despite spending her youth living in many different places – from NT to the Netherlands – she feels like Coffs Harbour is the perfect fit, and is planning to stay there long-term to work... more