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Image - Port Macquarie the perfect fit for UNSW med grad
City-raised Dr Jodie Wheatley has just completed her medical degree at UNSW’s Port Macquarie medical campus. Her love of the coastal city and the country, and her experience at UNSW’s Rural Clinical School, have come together to inspire her to stay on in Port to complete her medical internship.... more
Image - Rural doctors here to stay with UNSW's help
FIVE UNSW Rural Clinical School (RCS) students will complete their internships in Wagga in the face of a rural doctor shortage. Former RCS Wagga student Dr Matt Binks will remain in Wagga to complete his two-year internship and residency at the Base Hospital, citing familiarity and atmosphere... more
Image - UNSW helps GPs to tackle waiting room emergencies
GENERAL practitioners will have more confidence in emergency situations thanks to training sessions. Twenty GPs are taking part in training at the University of NSW Rural Clinical School Port Macquarie Campus simulation laboratory. University of NSW Rural Clinical School head of Port Macquarie... more
Image - Students dazzle during awards season
Staff and students are donning their finery as our rural campuses celebrate awards season. First off the ranks were Wagga campus, who rolled out the red carpet last week for their talented, and photogenic, students. Awards winners were as follows: REROC Scholarship Award 2014 – $2500 – Lucy... more
Image - New UNSW med grad dreams of settling in country
Newly graduated doctor and former UNSW Wagga student, Dr Matt Binks, takes some time out to reveal why Wagga Wagga has captured his heart, and why he could easily see himself settling in the country to work as a doctor. He sat down with RCS Publicity Officer, Joel Katz, to tell his story: Where... more
Image - Port’s work-life balance perfect for former UNSW med student
Growing up in in the Hunter Valley, Dr Demi Gray has always loved the country. She has just completed her medical degree at the UNSW Rural Clinical School’s Port Macquarie campus, and is staying on in the coastal city for her internship. Demi sits down with RCS publicity officer, Joel Katz, to chat... more
Image - RCS academic a state finalist for 2015 Australian of the Year Awards
Making headlines as Australia’s first Indigenous surgeon, Dr Kelvin Kong is an Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeon, ear, nose and throat specialist who is working with Aboriginal communities to improve ear disease in children. The son of a Chinese doctor and an Aboriginal nurse, Kelvin hails from... more
Image - UNSW's Aspire spurs students to follow their dreams
STUDENTS from 15 schools across the region gathered at the Western Plains Cultural Centre (WPCC) to take part in an outreach program. Organised by the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the ASPIRE program aimed to work with school students across the state to boost their educational goals.... more
Image - UNSW Teddy Bear Hospital big hit with kids
UNSW Rural Clinical School medical students from Coffs campus held a Teddy Bear Hospital for kids from local schools yesterday. The event was a big hit with the kids, and helped them to see that doctors can actually be cool - not scary - and that medicine and biology are lots of fun. Find out more... more
Image - Health students learn compassion counts
NO one knows how they will react when they have to tell a family the news that a loved one has passed away or only has a few days to live. Last week the University of NSW held a ‘grief and loss day’ in Port Macquarie at the Rural Clinical School which was designed to ensure medical and health... more