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Wagga med students see red to save lives

Split Enz hit the right note in 1979 with “I See Red”.

Flash forward to today and the there is a call for a different type of cross.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service suffers a dip in donors this time of the year due to the cold and flu season.

Medical students at UNSW's Rural Clinical School are looking to buck the trend and get people seeing red again.

A large group donated the liquid of life at Wagga’s Blood Bank on Berry Street.

It’s all part of a nationwide campaign – called Red25 – which aims to increase the percentage of group donations from 16 to 25 per cent.

It takes an hour, and you can enjoy a free cup of tea and “Australia’s best biscuit”.

“We believe it’s the best biscuit because it’s the only one that saves lives,” blood service spokeswoman Jemma Falkenmire said.

Original article written by Shane Manning in the Wagga Daily Advertiser. Read here.

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