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UNSW Rural Clinical School explores research collaborations using a wireless wrist continuous blood pressure monitor with Korean Industry start-up H2

Associate Professor McLachlan and fellow researchers from the RCS and Sydney University met with the founders of H2 a wireless continuous blood pressure device. We chatted over several days at the International Society for Hypertension in Seoul.

“This is an impressive cost effective solution for exploring blood pressure waveforms in rural communities cheaply and efficiently,” said Associate Professor McLachlan. Certainly we are keen to explore collaborations with H2 and also purchase some of the early stage devices.

We further explored in our meetings about new collaborations to assist in the validation of the technology in partnership with our Rural Clinical School at UNSW. H2 founders demonstrated that the technology could also measure central aortic blood pressure non-invasively using propriety software algorithms and data from the radial pulse waveforms.

It appears from the published literature Korea has long been interested in population health from the perspective of maintaining blood pressure.

“In my travels I noted at subway stations in Korea self checking booths for blood pressure screening,” added Associate Professor McLachlan.