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Local med student waxes lyrical about Orange

After a very pretty train ride west across the mountains and farmlands, you arrive at Orange. In autumn it defiantly lives up to its name; absolutely gorgeous trees covered in orange and yellow. And if you are lucky, you might even catch some snow.

Bloomfield hospital is one of the last remaining specialist psychiatric facilities left in the state. It has a broad range of specialties including old age psychiatry, paediatrics, forensic and a mental health ICU facility. As with most rural campuses, the teaching is excellent the staff love to teach students and tell them about their experiences.

The accommodation is 3 minutes from the Hospital and shared by nurses, students and doctors. If you are lucky and your fellow medical student owns a plane, you can enjoy a flyover Mount Panorama. Otherwise rev up your engine and circuit around Mount Panorama racing track which has a 60km/h speed limit for the public :(((. For a more relaxing experience, there are a number of bicycles available that can be used on the bike trails around Gosling creek and lake or up towards Mount Canobolas. A game of Settlers of Catan can be the fabulous ending to your day as you settle into country town spirit.

Last but not least, the hospital ground is home to a large mob of Kangaroos. They like to hang around the buildings but are best enjoyed from far as the alpha male is particularly muscular and looks mean.