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Korean interns help foster Australian-Korean collaboration in medical research

UNSW Rural Clinical School's Research Division is hosting two Korean interns for 7 weeks. The interns, Korean university students Woo-Jung Kim and Jeehye Choi, have been looking into boosting collaboration between Korea and Australia in areas like stem cell research and nutrition in rural areas.

Jeehye has been investigating whether Vitamin C levels in rural communities differ from urban populations, and the reasons why this might occur. Meantime, Woo-Jung has been doing a literature review of Korean publications on stem cell therapy protocols - which are some of the best in the world - and seeing how this can be translated into an Australian context. South Korea is a world-leader in establishing relationships between industry, government and the health sector to facilitate research into stem cell therapy to treat conditions such as heart disease and other major conditions.

The two interns are great ambassadors for South Korea's world-class education system and are helping to bolster Australian-Korean research collaborations as well as cross-cultural exchange.

Jeehye says the experience has been amazing, from a research, learning and cultural perspective.

"We've also seen some amazing sites," she says. "Like the Blue Mountains and Bondi Beach - we don't have anything like that in Korea."

The program is supported by ‪#‎UNSW‬, ‪#‎DFAT‬'s #AusKorea Foundation and Korea's ‪#‎POSCO‬'s Korea-Australia Foundation.

By RCS Media Officer Joel Katz.

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