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Image of Praveen Indraratna
Praveen Indraratna, PhD candidate in the Prince of Wales Clinical School, has won the PhD Category for the NSW Cardiovascular Research Network’s The HEART Pitch 2021 for his 3 minute pitch on TeleClinical Care: A digital health revolution in cardilogy. This is a National Heart Foundation of... more
Sarah Clark UNSW Rural Clinical School Medical Student of the Year 2020
Sarah Clark – a final year medical student at UNSW Rural Clinical School - Wagga Wagga Campus – has received the Rural Doctors Association of Australia’s (RDAA) Medical Student of the Year Award 2020 for her dedication to rural health. Read more here... Raised in Gunnedah in north west NSW, Sarah... more
Image - Professor David Cooper AO Memorial Service and Symposium
You are invited to the public memorial service for Professor David Cooper AO, 1949 - 2018 To celebrate the life and work of a global leader in HIV research and clinical care, please join us at the public memorial for Professor David Cooper.  Professor Cooper dedicated his life to the prevention,... more
Image -  UNSW Rural Clinical School explores research collaborations using a wireless wrist continuous blood pressure monitor with Korean Industry start-up H2
Associate Professor McLachlan and fellow researchers from the RCS and Sydney University met with the founders of H2 a wireless continuous blood pressure device. We chatted over several days at the International Society for Hypertension in Seoul. “This is an impressive cost effective solution for... more
Image - UNSW RCS academics visit the Clinical Hypertension journal booth in Seoul
Associate Professor McLachlan from the RCS visits the Clinical Hypertension journal booth at the International Hypertension conference in Seoul – A/Prof Craig McLachlan (in photo above, centre) was surprised to see his co-authored paper being show-cased at the booth. Other co-authors from Sydney... more
Image - In Seoul: UNSW Rural Clinical School meets our external supervised PhD Nepal student Dinesh Neupane from Aarhus University
Associate Professor McLachlan meets Dinesh Neupane his external co-supervised PhD student at the International Hypertension conference in Seoul. Both Associate Professor McLachlan and Dinesh supported the conference by submitting four poster presentations and abstracts. The photo above is of of... more
Image - UNSW Rural Clinical School visit Keimyung University, Medicine Faculty in Daegu South Korea under an Australia-Korea Foundation grant
UNSW Rural Clinical School academics A/Prof Craig McLachlan, Ms Yuling Zhou, Dr Yaxin Lu, Joel Katz and A/Prof Brett Hambly from University of Sydney travelled via the express train from Seoul Station to meet with biomedical engineering academic Dr Jong-Ha Lee (lab website - http://www.aicdlab.... more
Image - UNSW Rural Clinical School collaborates with Monebo Technologies Inc for rural heart rhythm screening with a focus on atrial fibrillation
UNSW’s Rural Clinical School (RCS) is excited to launch a research collaboration with Monebo Technologies, Inc. (Texas, USA). The collaboration allows use of Monebo’s leading industry cardiac arrhythmia detection software to screen for atrial fibrillation using our school’s small ECG devices. The... more
Image - Local med student waxes lyrical about Orange
After a very pretty train ride west across the mountains and farmlands, you arrive at Orange. In autumn it defiantly lives up to its name; absolutely gorgeous trees covered in orange and yellow. And if you are lucky, you might even catch some snow. Bloomfield hospital is one of the last remaining... more
Image - Srajan is a UNSW medical student… and a trained astronaut!
Second year rural medical student Srajan Singh is a muso, medical student – and a trained astronaut. Yes you heard that right. In Year 11 Srajan was selected as one of an elite, multi-national squad of high school students to take part in ‘International Space Camp’ in Alabama, USA. The Narrabri... more