Murrumbidgee Regional Training Hub

Your Doctors of Tomorrow

Striving for a sustainable Medical Workforce for Rural and Regional Australia.

Training medical students and postgraduate trainees in regional and rural areas.

The Murrumbidgee Regional Training Hub (MRTH) is committed to collaboration and the achievement of better health outcomes for the region. A key focus is aligning training to local needs.

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Pathways and Training

MRTH helps to coordinate and improve vocational & prevocational training pathways that are aligned to local workfoce need. Current emphasis is in Rural Generalist training and a unique single employer model has been developed.

Supporting Interns, JMOs & Students

Our priority is to identify students and JMOs with long term rural intent who have an interest in practicing rurally and to provide them with high quality, focussed support and mentoring.

Planning your career

The Hub can help you to make informed decisions about your career planning and to negotiate training pathways that are connected to workforce reality. The more you build connections, the more you belong.

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Partner Health Organisations

The MRTH works closely with the Murrumbidgee LHD and a wide range of stakeholders to assist in the coordination of clinical training activities, developing new connections and helping to facilitate and expand the accreditation of positions. We also have a close working relationship with the Riverina Regional Training Hub.

Living and working in regional Australia

We work with multiple organisations to align and integrate training with local workforce needs. The main emphasis is to make trainees feel valued and supported and our LHD has a major focus on better integration in all aspects of health care across the district.

News and Events

Announcement of approval for the Murrumbidgee Single Employer model by Ministers Hunt and Coulton.

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Murrumbidgee Regional Training Hub

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A/Prof Rashid Hashmi Acting Director of Medical Education
Dr John Currie Murrumbidgee RTH Director
Dr Paul Mara Murrumbidgee RTH Director  

Dr Rachel Fikkers

Dr Khalil Soniwala

Mr Michael Maw

Dr Carl Henman

Clinical Lead - General Practice

Clinicial Lead - Paediatrics

Clinical Lead - Simulation Training

Clinical Lead - GP / O&G


Pathways and Training

Griffith programmes for Rural Generalism.

MLHD Single Employer model for Rural Generalist training.

This is a ground-breaking initiative to fully integrate RG training in a District. For the first time RG training will have parity with medical specialty training in terms of length of contract and entitlements such as maternity leave. There is a separate focus on improving opportunities to expand time spent in regional sites during medical specialty training.

The hub works to align with the National Medical Workforce Strategy.

Supporting Interns, JMOs and Students

There is continuing mentoring of students and JMO’s with rural intent. There is a close liaison with the JMO unit in WWBH and their postgraduate program. Knowing the particular workforce needs of the District means that the Hub can help integrate career planning with actual jobs.
There is a significant focus on Simulation training utilising laboratory facilities and expertise.

Partner Health Organisations

We are working with MLHD to build support for more isolated sites and medical practitioners. By improving connections people belong to a supportive group rather than just have a place of work.

Planning your Career

The Hub’s main focus in the last two years has been on Rural Generalism and many valuable relationships have been built with the number large number of stakeholders in this area. The Hub is particularly well placed to help with career planning for Rural Generalism. 
We can assist with specialty training and have experience in developing speciality training positions.

Living and Working in Regional Australia

The Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) Single Employer Model for Rural Generalist training was developed in partnership with the Hub and has the opportunity to develop into a long-term way of recruiting and retraining Doctors who are needed for essential service delivery across the District.

Are you considering setting up a private practice in regional Australia? The Rural Doctors Network have put together a video where specialists share their experiences and provide a personal account of what needs to be considered when setting up or joining an established practice here.

Setting up shop in rural and regional areas

Setting up Shop in Rural and Regional Areas.mp4 from NSWRDN on Vimeo.