Long Term Placements

As UNSW is a publicly funded university, it is subject to various government requirements. One such requirement of the Commonwealth, the Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training (RHMT) program, requires UNSW to achieve the following outcomes:

With respect to rural clinical placement whilst undertaking studies:

  • At least 30% of UNSW medical students must undertake an extended clinical experience at a Rural Clinical School campus. There is an expectation that students admitted to Medicine under the RSES will undertake an extended clinical experience in rural environments.
  •  All other local students must have an opportunity to undertake a rural placement and at least 50% must undertake a minimum of 4 weeks of clinical learning in a rural location.

Allocation to a Rural Clinical School campus

Students complete the online preference form for the allocation of students to a clinical environment for Phase 2 and Phase 3 the year preceding the Phase.

The Medical Education Student Office administers the preferences process for all Phases.

For information on each campus please visit the campus profiles on our website and review the Policy on Allocation of Students in the Medicine Program to Clinical Environments.