Kempsey District Hospital

Placement Information

Kempsey District Hospital offers limited General Medicine and ED placements during Summer Teaching Period, and Teaching Periods 1-3. There are no placements in Teaching Period 4.

Please contact the Rural Clinical School for potential availability prior to inquiring with Kempsey directly for elective placements.

Meeting Place

Report to the Hospital Reception at 8am on the first Monday of term to meet Tonia Law.

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Accommodation is provided for medical students in houses that are owned by the hospital. Each house is fully self contained with cooking facilities available. There are three bedrooms which can be individually locked.

Students should arrive on Sunday prior to the start of term and collect your house keys from the Nurse Manager at the Hospital. There is no charge for accommodation for Phase 3 students.

Meals are available in the hospital cafeteria on the ground floor, or through the vending machine after hours. These are at your own expense.

Students should contact Tonia at least 3 weeks prior to start of term to confirm their accommodation and to arrange IT access for the term.

It is preferable if you have a vehicle to use during your time in Kempsey as the accommodation and hospital are a distance from town.

BIOMED campus days and Diagnostic Imaging Seminars

It is each student’s responsibility to check the BIOMED campus day and Diagnostic Imaging Seminar timetable when it is made available to you in January.

Campus day activities and Diagnostic Imaging seminars are repeated once during the year.  If you are going to miss any lectures whilst on placement it is your responsibility to attend during another teaching period or to access recorded seminars or the anatomy tutorials via the Biomedical Sciences component of the Phase 3 Moodle module.  Additionally, there are Bio Med lectures that are run in Port Macquarie (approx. 45 min drive) that students may wish to attend if they have access to a car.  This is at your own expense. Contact Julianne Weatherley in the Port Macquarie Rural Clinical School to find out topics during your time at Kempsey. Firstly you need to confirm with Tonia Law in Kempsey to ensure you are not missing any rostered sessions prior to you being absent. Attending these lectures is optional.

Other Information

There are two bikes that can be booked out for your use. You will need to contact Tonia Law in Administration for access to the bikes.