Indigenous Entry into Medicine

There are approximately 265 doctors in Australia with another 302 in training who are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. 

The Indigenous Entry into Medicine Scheme at UNSW helps redress the imbalance of access for the Indigenous population to Indigenous medical practitioners at a similar level of availability as non-Indigenous doctors to the non-Indigenous population.

The scheme is competitive: the students who best meet the selection criteria, outlined below, will be the ones considered for Indigenous Entry. The scheme is designed for high school students, current undergraduate, and postgraduate students or mature age students.

Invitations to attend the Pre-Medicine Program will be based on the criteria listed below. You will be invited to an interview if the selection panel require more information about you in addition to your application. The Pre-Medicine Program (PMP) is a bridging program that helps us assess a person’s readiness for the study of Medicine. At the conclusion of the PMP, the final selection for Indigenous Entry into Medicine will be made.

Eligibility Criteria for Application

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.
  • Evidence of Academic Capability - A number of measures may be used to assess this criterion, for example Secondary education records, Tertiary education records, examples of educational attainment, or other evidence of the applicant’s ability to succeed in studying Medicine at UNSW.
  • Sound communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Commitment to and knowledge of community concerns relating to Indigenous Health issues.

Selection of Applicants

Applicants will be selected for participation in the PMP using the following three criteria:

  • Demonstrable motivation to practice medicine.
  • Academic capability, including, the capacity to achieve within the UNSW Medical Program.
  • Demonstrable ability to relate to Indigenous Health issues.

Some applicants may be invited to an interview if the selection panel require more information about you in addition to your application.

Pre-Medicine Program (PMP)

Successful applicants must complete the three-week residential Pre-Medicine Program (PMP) to be considered for acceptance into Medicine at UNSW. The PMP is held in Sydney at UNSW for 3 weeks from mid November. Participants must perform at a level deemed satisfactory by the Faculty of Medicine. Final selection for Indigenous Entry is made after the completion of the PMP.

Application and Selection Process

All applicants are encouraged to contact Nura Gili prior to submitting their application.