Health & Safety Consultation

RCS has an active H&S committee which meets four times a year. Committee members are listed below and minutes are available in the Related Documents section on the right.

There are three levels of H&S committees. Issues raised at the RCS H&S committee may be escalated to the Medicine Faculty Executive Meeting (where H&S matters are discussed) which may in turn escalate to the University H&S committee. Equally, matters discussed at the University H&S Committee are cascaded to the Faculty and School/Unit committees.

Level 1 Committee Health, Safety & Environment

Level 2 Medicine Health & Safety Executive Committee

How to resolve H&S issues

Step 1: Talk to your supervisor or manager.

Step 2: If not resolved, report the problem to an H&S Representative or H&S Officer who will have discussions with the relevant supervisor/manager or raise the issue at the H&S Committee.

Step 3: If not resolved, the Chairperson of the Level 3 H&S Committee can refer the issue to either the Medicine Level 2 H&S Committee or to the Level 1 H&S Committee if the issue has university–wide impact.

Step 4: If not resolved, the H&S Representative or Chairperson of the Level 3 H&S Committee can invite a WorkCover NSW inspector to attend the workplace to assist in the resolution of the issue.

Advice on H&S problem resolution should be sought from the Medicine Faculty H&S Coordinator. Managers and employees must work cooperatively to resolve H&S problems, and should notify the Medicine Faculty H&S Coordinator (Gregory Maxwell) prior to requesting assistance from SafeWork NSW.

Key Health & Safety contacts & committee members


Responsibility Campus Telephone
Diana Potocnik Chairperson Albury

02 6042 1319

Prue Barclay

Secretary Albury

02 6042 1311

Mel Van Lierop Campus Manager Rep Wagga Wagga

02 6933 5146

Lynda Rieder

General Staff Rep Coffs Harbour 02 6652 0411
Julianne Weatherley Campus Manager Rep Port Macquarie

02 6580 7519

Genevieve McKay

Campus Coordinator Rep


02 9385 3210
TBA General Staff Rep Sydney


Cathy Pianca General Staff Rep Griffith

02 6964 4823

Lesley Forster Management Rep Executive - Head of School

02 9385 2167

Gregory Maxwell

Health and Safety Coordinator Medicine

H&S Medicine

02 9385 0667