Health & Safety Consultation

There are three levels of H&S committees. Issues raised at the RCS H&S committee may be escalated to the Medicine Faculty Executive Meeting (where H&S matters are discussed) which may in turn escalate to the University H&S committee. Equally, matters discussed at the University H&S Committee are cascaded to the Faculty and School/Unit committees.

Level 1 Committee Health, Safety & Environment

Level 2 Medicine Health & Safety Executive Committee

How to resolve H&S issues

Step 1: Talk to your supervisor or manager.

Step 2: If not resolved, report the problem to an H&S Representative or H&S Officer who will have discussions with the relevant supervisor/manager or raise the issue at the H&S Committee.

Step 3: If not resolved, the Chairperson of the Level 3 H&S Committee can refer the issue to either the Medicine Level 2 H&S Committee or to the Level 1 H&S Committee if the issue has university–wide impact.

Step 4: If not resolved, the H&S Representative or Chairperson of the Level 3 H&S Committee can invite a WorkCover NSW inspector to attend the workplace to assist in the resolution of the issue.

Advice on H&S problem resolution should be sought from the Medicine Faculty H&S Coordinator. Managers and employees must work cooperatively to resolve H&S problems, and should notify the Medicine Faculty WHS Coordinator (Tracey Clay) prior to requesting assistance from SafeWork NSW.

Key Health & Safety contacts & committee members 


Responsibility Campus Telephone
Tracey Clay

WHS Coordinator (Medicine)

UNSW Kensington

02 9385 0667