Graduate Students

UNSW RCS PhD Students as of Semester 2, 2015

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Vivian Isaac BSc MSW MPhil MSc (Cognitive Neuroscience) (A/Prof McLachlan supervisor)

PhD: Evaluation of psychosocial parameters in rural medical education and patient centred care
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Alex Ishiwata Gavino BSc MD (2015-) (A/Prof McLachlan supervisor)

PhD: Studies on rural community atrial fibrillation screening using cloud based technology

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Yvonne Lee BSc MPH(Molecular Epidemiology) (A/Prof McLachlan supervisor;  Dr Hassan Assareh)

PhD: ECG QRS prolongation in aging rural populations.

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Agam Mirsa BE(bioinformatics) MPhil (2014 – ) (A/Prof McLachlan supervisor)

PhD: Understanding the components of mediation, yoga and dance on cardiovascular autonomic nervous system.
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A/Prof Tom Shakespeare  MBBS, MPH, FRANZCR (Prize), FAMS, Grad Dip Med (Clin Epi) (2015 -) (Dr Andrew Last supervisor/ A/Prof McLachlan co-supervisor)

PhD: Use of imaging in radiation oncology protocols for the treatment of prostate cancer

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Louise Whitby RN M Safety Sc (Ergonomics and safety science)  (A/Prof McLachlan supervisor)

PhD: To assist or not assist the falling patient in health care settings?

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Shea Wilcox BSc (Hons) MB BS (2013 - ) Supervisor Dr Andrew Last 

PhD: The requirement and efficacy of dose-escalated radiotherapy in the setting of hormonal manipulation in patients with prostate cancer.

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Yuling Zhou BSc MSc (cancer genetics) (A/Prof McLachlan supervisor)

PhD: The good the bad and the ugly of genes: on telomere length in rural aging populations  


External PhD Students – Co-supervised 

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Karen Chia MB BS (2014 -) (A/Prof McLachlan co-supervisor)

PhD: Evaluation of an exercise program on cardiac remodelling in a pulmonary hypertension.  SVH clinical school, UNSW

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Dinesh Neupane MPH (2013 - )  (A/Prof McLachlan co-supervisor)

PhD: Hypertension burden in Rural Nepal - Aarhus University, Dept of Public Health. Center for Global Health Aarhus University.


Completed students in 2014 (A/Prof McLachlan co-supervisor)

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Ryan Ocsan BS PhD (USYD) 2009 - Dec 2014

PhD: Studies on c-kit expression in translational models of cardiac hypertrophy