Future Students

Why should you study at UNSW's Rural Clinical School?

Our School trains doctors who will practise in rural Australia.

The UNSW Rural Clinical School is a centre of excellence for undergraduate and post-graduate training of rural doctors. Our reputation attracts the state and nation's best students, academics and doctors.

Our School sets the agenda for medical education within New South Wales and the University, and we are represented on important decision-making committees within the medical profession and the University.

Our School has a reputation for excellence in research directed toward rural health, Indigenous health and rural medical education.

Medical students graduating from our School will be recognised as well-trained doctors. They will have the desire and initiative for continued learning and the capability for self- reflection to focus and improve the learning experience.

Students graduate from our School with an affinity for the country and rural medicine.

Our School’s campuses are actively involved with their local communities, hospitals and doctors, and our skills and expertise are made available for use by local communities, hospitals, allied health professionals and doctors.

We seek out strategic partnerships that develop our School and ensure that we deliver world-class medical education to our students.

Our School advocates environmentally friendly policies, and carries out projects which reduce our carbon footprint.

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