UNSW RCS Booking Enquiry

2015 Version

Welcome. UNSW Rural Clinical School welcomes the opportunity to support your educational event. Please be advised that Rural Clinical School facilities are available only to the local medical fraternity. The use of the facilities will be approved on agreement of the terms and conditions below:
  • All after hours events booked at the UNSW RCS Campus must have an allocated person attending the event made responsible for security and equipment. The allocated person must organise an in-service (before the start of your event) for an introduction on security procedures and equipment usage via the UNSW RCS receptionist.
  • At the time of booking, availability of rooms is dependent on student activities and student teaching takes precedence.  However every effort will be made to accommodate you
  • You agree to cover any videoconferencing and teleconferencing costs incurred during your event
  • You agree to take responsibility for any damages that may occur during your event. This includes any equipment used & room facilities. You agree to cover any costs that this may incur
  • You agree to have all people attending your event sign in on the provided UNSW RCS attendance sheet. This must be handed over to reception at the end of your event
  • Catering must be organised by yourself at your expense. You must provide all that is needed to cater for your event. Example: coffee, tea, milk, cups, cutlery & crockery
  • Hot water and cold filtered water is available in the student kitchen
  • No foods & drinks are allowed in any of the Lecture Theatres or Tutorial rooms
  • Catering must be approved by the Administration Officer before the day of your event
  • You accept all responsibility to leave any used area in a clean and tidy state
  • The UNSW Rural Clinical Schools and grounds have a no smoking policy
  • UNSW carpark is reserved for staff, students and visiting lecturers only. All other attendees must seek alternative parking. 
  • UNSW RCS reserves the right to cancel a room booking. While UNSW RCS will endeavour to give Event Organiser the maximum possible notice of cancellation, Event Organiser has no claim or action against UNSW RCS in connection with the cancellation
  • If UNSW RCS accepts this Application but Event Organiser subsequently wishes to cancel the booking he/she may do so by sending an email to that effect to the reception at said campus no less than two (2) clear business days before the date of the booking
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