Phase 3 brings with it a series of important examinations for medical students. These are:

Biomedical Sciences Examinations

During your Medicine & Surgery courses you will be attending Biomedical Sciences tutorials, the timetable for these is provided on the RCS Student Intranet.

Video-conferenced tutorials are conducted between campuses.

The Biomedical Science viva voce barrier examination will test your understanding of the biomedical sciences in the context of clinical scenarios. Assessment of knowledge of material covered in macroscopic pathology demonstrations and laboratory visits will comprise part of the examination. Anatomical, pathological, microbiological specimens and imaging investigations may also be used as a focus of discussion during the viva voce examination. Further information about the examination is provided in the Student Manual.

The examination will be held at the end of Year 5 and is conducted in full at the main campuses of the Rural Clinical School.

Students are required to sit this examination at the end of Year 5 irrespective of their performance in courses during Year 5.

Please refer to the Medicine Program website for further information.

Integrated Clinical Examination

The final examination in the Medicine program will be a multi-component examination designed to assess your knowledge and skills in all the clinical disciplines addressed during Phase 3.

As with previous end-of-phase examinations, the examination will aim to assess your ability to integrate learning across the Phase. It will not be structured according to discipline, i.e. each component of the examination will assess knowledge and/or skills across all disciplines.

However you will need to demonstrate satisfactory performance in each of the six core disciplines. Unsatisfactory performance in one or more of the core disciplines in the examination cannot be compensated by satisfactory performance in the remaining disciplines and will result in a fail in the discipline(s).

All components of the examination will be held after TP3 before PRINT.

Please refer to the Faculty website for further information.

Portfolio Examination

In the Phase 3 portfolio examination you are required to reflect on how your coursework has contributed to your achievement of the graduate capability indicators for Phase 3. You will be expected to demonstrate both an ability to recognise and relate the graduate capabilities to your clinical experiences as well as describe what you did to develop in these capabilities.

Your portfolio will comprise all the learning plans from the Phase 3 courses, course and phase-based assignments submitted to eMed and any additional negotiated assignments.

The Phase 3 portfolio examination will include an interview in addition to reviewing the portfolio developed over Phase 3. You will also be required to submit a short written portfolio report prior to the interview which will be held after TP3 at the same time as the Phase 3 Integrated Clinical Examination.

Please refer to the Medicine Program website for further information.