Albury ILP

Albury Campus

Albury-Wodonga is a large regional centre with an extensive range of medical, psychiatric and surgical services. It has a population base of about 250000 people and is a fertile ground for clinical research in many areas. A number of different ILP projects have been completed over the last 4 years. Subject areas have included topics from Oncology, Obstetrics, General Surgery, Ophthalmology,  Emergency Medicine, Orthopaedics and General Practice. All projects are a collaboration with clinicians working in the area and are designed to help students achieve a satisfying ILP year while improving their research and clinical skills. A few of the topics researched in the last few years have included Outcomes of Colorectal Cancer Treatment in a Regional Centre, The Correlation of Fundal Height and Pregnancy Outcomes, Weight Gain in Pregnancy and the Use of High Definition Oesophageal Manometry in a Regional Centre, the effects of cataract surgery on astigmatism, projects on infectious diseases in refugees and management of pyelonephritis in the emergency department. Several of these projects have been presented at clinical meetings or been published or submitted for publication. There is a close working relationship with the research supervisor in all of these projects with the opportunity to continue clinical exposure throughout the ILP year.

Potential Supervisors for projects in 2018 include:

Dr Catherine Orr

Dr Orr is a GP with a special interest in sexual health and the refugee population in Albury Wodonga. She is currently supervising 1 ILP student.

Dr Augustus Kigotho

Dr Kigotho is the Head of the Emergency Department for Albury Wodonga Health and is keen to promote clinical research on outcomes of Emergency Department management.

Dr Christopher Steer

Dr Steer is an oncologist and has wide interests in oncology backed by the research department of the Border Oncology Unit. He has supervised several ILP students over the last few years and has some ideas for further research projects over the next few years based on recent advances in oncology and the use of immune therapies.

Dr John Salmon

Dr Salmon is an Obstetrician who has helped several ILP students over the last few years. He has a wide interest in obstetrics especially the prediction of obstetric outcomes. The obstetric Unit in Wodonga is one of the largest in Victoria and sees over 1500 births per year.

Dr Heinrich Schwalb

Dr Schwalb is a General Surgeon, with a GI interest,  who has supervised ILP students over the last 2 years with a primary interest in GI tract cancers and the outcomes of management in a Regional Centre.

Dr Tim Steele

Dr Steele is an ophthalmologist who has supervised one excellent project and is interested in looking at intra-operative antibioitcs in ophthalmic surgery and reviewing the results of the Clinic over the last 2 years. 

Dr Justin Jackson

Dr Jackson is an infectious diseases physician and general physician with an interest in studying infectious disease rates in the community and hospital acquired infections and their treatment. He is keen to undertake further research and supervise an ILP student.

Dr Eric Moyle

Dr Moyle is our much loved skills lab coordinator and anaesthetist and intensivist. He has particular interests in team dynamics in health care and is supervising a project in this area in 2018. Further projects are possible and planned for the future. 

Other potential project supervisors in General Medicine, Anaesthetics are available and multiple project ideas have been discussed over the last year.
We aim to provide a supportive environment for our ILP students with regular group meetings and cross project discussion between students and supervisors and the Head of School with fortnightly meetings and assistance from the part time research coordinator for Albury Wodonga Health, Dr Anna Moran. There is a chance of significant clinical involvement with all projects and the close relationship with the supervisors has been appreciated by our students over the last few years.

Any student interested in an ILP project for 2018, there are still places available, or 2019 should contact the Head of Campus, Dr Mark Norden via the Clinical School to discuss their area of interest. We will attempt to negotiate a project in your area of interest.